Ringworm Cause Exposed

The real ringworm cause was not known until about 1837 when a Polish physician happen to examine various skin scrapings of ringworm infected individuals. The common denominator he discovered was a fungus. Researchers later did confirm the doctor’s discovery and also that ringworm had nothing to do with worms or insects but with fungus.

Many useful and harmful bacteria and fungi live on the body. Some provide benefits while others form infections. Knowing the ringworm cause both in humans and animals is the best method to know to treat the ringworm problem.

The ringworm cause is from a few different microscopic organisms belonging to the “Dermatophytes” group. This group lives on the outer layer of the skin and is difficult at times to know the source of the skin fungus. Different Dermatophytes causes ‘jock” itch- a rash referred as tinea crutis which affects the genitals, inner upper thighs and the buttocks. The ringworm called tinea pedis is athlete’s foot. This rash affects the moist areas lying between your toes while other individuals develop athlete’s foot on the foot itself. If you get ringworm of the scalp is different than ringworm of the body. There is also tinea corporis and tinea capitis which is mostly found to occur in children.

The fungi enjoys moist areas where the infection can live. These places include the feet, groin and underarms where sweating is present. Ringworm enters the body generally through broken skin like a scratch, broken skin (eczema) or cuts.

A ringworm cause is from infected floors in public showers or locker rooms, The fungi lives on damp surfaces. In turn, ringworm can be easily contacted from such places.

Who contracts ringworm easily are people with eczema or other skins problems. This is due to the skin’s outer layer being open inviting the fungus into the area. Male boys tend to contract ringworm more so than female girls. Children before puberty tend to be infected with ringworm more likely.

Ringworm can spread through numerous channels.

Soil to Human- Yes! Ringworm infections can occur with contact to infected soil. This fungus can live in nutrient sufficient soil for an extended period of time. For a person to contract ringworm from the soil, the person would have prolonged direct contact with severely infected soil for this to occur usually.

Animal to Human- Animals infected with ringworm can infect humans. The ringworm infection can come from cows, goats, horses, hamsters, cats and dogs. Of course, humans with greater risk of getting ringworm include farmers, child’s and people who are associated with animals. Usually, the animal infection appears like a patch of skin where the fur is missing in all types of animals.

Person to Person- Direct skin to skin contact with an infected person with ringworm. It can at times be passed from infected feet to other parts of your body, like your hands or groin area as well.

Object to Human- Making contact with surfaces or objects that have been in contact with an infected person or animal with ringworm. Some of these objects include items such as public shower stalls, locker rooms, gym mats, weight equipment, telephones, toys, door knobs, clothing, hats, combs, brushed, towels and bed sheets etc.