Ringworm Creams

What kind of ringworm cream should I be using. Using an anti-fugal cream is the most effective treatment for human ringworm. Since ringworm is extremely contagious and is a fungal infection, it shows on the skin as a red ring shaped rash. The center of the rash might look healthy with the outer edges of the ring being raised and crusty. The rash does get itchy and is not painful. The discomfort occurs from the itching of the area.

Ringworm is not an insect or worm but a type of fungus.  Anti-fungus creams are used to treat the human infection. Dips and shampoos are used for pet treatments. Typical treatments for humans are creams and at times oral medication if the infection is throughout the body. Most of the ringworm kinds can be cured using over the counter medication. Athlete’s foot found on the feet and jock itch found in the groin area is known as ringworm. Athlete’s foot and jock itch require more then over the counter remedies. Clotrimazole or miconazole ingredients are found in the ointments and creams available without a prescription usually. Lotrimin, Micatin, Monistat and Tinactin are  brand name anti-fungal creams that may use clotrimazole or micronazole ingredients. Name brand Lamisil contains terbinafine, a drug that is used for treating fungus. Firstly, the rash area needs to be washed with soap and water and dried completely before any type of cream is applied. When applying the anti-fungal cream, apply to the rash spreading the cream beyond the border of the rash. Don’t forget not to stop with the medication because the symptoms have disappeared or decreased in size. In most cases, the treatment is continued usually from two to four weeks in duration.

What happens if I am not having success with my self treatment? If the rash has had no improvements within a two week period, it’s time to seek a medical doctor. The doctor will have different medications that can be prescribe in order to assist the ringworm infection. Allylamines is medication that can be used which comes in a gel, pill or cream form.

Ringworm can also be visible in the scalp or under the nails aswell. Fungal nail infections are usually hard to cure. The fungal nail infections can attack the skin under the nail, the finger or toe nails. You may have success with an anti-fungal lotion, cream or nail polish available without a prescription. The best method can be from your doctor using an anti-fungal pill. The anti-fungal pill is most effective with ringworm of the scalp also. There is  prescription creams available for ringworm of the scalp treatments. What is happening is the fungus affects the hair and at times causes the hair to fall out leaving circular patches of missing hair.