Ringworm Hair Loss

Ringworm hair loss or ringworm of the scalp happens due to Tinea capatis. It is a problem that some humans may have or will experience. You will have to recognize the characteristics of ringworm of the scalp for the proper treatment. Prevention of hair loss of this problem is critical. It is very important to understand how you get this type of ringworm and how to resolve this situation. Hair loss can also occur with pets.

Ringworm of the scalp is seen by a small pimple that can increase in size. The scalp may develop rings of rashes which can be similar to ones seen on varies parts of the body. Ringworm hair loss is easily identified by the patches of temporary hair losses. The hair usually breaks off due to the fact the hair is brittle and infected. In the beginning stages, the average hair loss is about one hundred hairs per day. This is the beginning of an infection in the scalp area which can lead to increase fungus growth and noticeable itching. Later, the scalp possibly will become irritated and red leading to balding.

If you are witnessing symptoms as large hair loss amounts or irritation in the scalp, you should get examined by a health care provider for ringworm hair loss. This is an infection that develops in the scalp area and can become severe that should be treated immediately. Your health care provider will check for bacteria or fungus that may be
forming in your scalp and may require a skin lesion biopsy. If this condition has been ongoing for a long time, than placing a light on the area where the balding and irritation is located will be easily found.

Ringworm of the scalp can lead to serious complications called kerion. This is due to the fungal infection. It can develop to a painful and severe inflammation of the scalp. Kerion looks like soft, raised swelling that drains pus. The swelling and drainage causes a thick yellowish crusting on the scalp itself. Kerion is extremely serious that can lead to permanent scars and can cause hair loss.

What is a solution for ringworm hair loss? Using an ant-fungal medication is the key in killing off this fungus. Also, using a medicated shampoo to clean the infected area is a must usually prior to the ant-fungal medication application. Selenium sulfide is a common ingredient found in the medicated shampoo. You should always follow the instruction provided by your health care provider.

There is a variety of reasons for ringworm to occur. Most times, it is a consequence of bad hygiene. If your experiencing sweating, the wetness from the skin if not washed off can also cause the ideal situation for ringworm of the scalp to develop. Ringworm can also develop from a wound or scratch from the skin. This condition can lead to infection if not properly taken care of. Ringworm is no way caused by a worm or by any kind of insect. Ringworm is a fungus infection which can occur in humans and pets aswell. Ringworm is contagious. Contacting infested bedding, clothing or even scratching ringworm can spread this fungus throughout the body. Other ways of contacting ringworm is by direct contact with infected animals or humans. Even by contacting objects that have been infected by a human or animal you can become infected. You definitely don’t want to spread the infection. Try avoiding coming in contact with other people or pets until the situation has been rectified.