Infected Ringworm Humans Exposed

The word worm is in the name ringworm and yet ringworm is no way caused by a worm or any kind of insect. Ringworm is a fungus infection which can affect animals as well as humans – ringworm humans. A tell-tale red ring which can appear on the infected person’s skin area was coined ringworm.

Ringworm in humans is seen as red circular rashes with healthy skin in the center area. The edges of the rashes are usually raised. It can affect the scalp as well as many parts of the body.

Scalp ringworm can be visible by a small pimple that tends to increase in size. You may note that the scalp might develop rings of rashes similar to ones viewed on different parts of the body. Ringworm scalp is easily seen due to patches of temporary hair baldness. The hair breaks off  because the hair is infected and brittle.

Can ringworm appear on human feet? The answer is yes and is known as athlete’s foot. It does not have the same red ring rashes. The treatment for athlete’s foot is accomplished with over the counter medication.

Is ringworm contagious? It definitely is. By contacting with infested clothing, bedding or with scratching ringworm can spread throughout the body.

Direct contact with infected ringworm humans or animals is one way a person gets ringworm. Contacting objects that are infected by animals or humans that have ringworm can cause you to get ringworm. If you have ringworm, avoid your rash from coming into contact with other people or pets. You do not want to spread the infection.

Itching causes the ringworm to spread to different parts of your body. The fungus is spread by scratching the rash and touching or scratching other parts of your body. The rash is not painful but the itching and self control of the itching can be difficult. The treatment will reduce the itching but you have to be strong until this occurs. The itchiness with be at its peak between the third and fifth day. The rash will be still visible at this time thou the treatment has commenced. The symptoms will begin to subside thereafter. 

Ringworm has an incubation 10 day period. Therefore, ringworm symptoms will develop 10 days after being exposed. A antifungal cream or prescribe medication will be required by a medical care person once the fungus has been diagnosed.  The antifungal cream is the best course of treatment. The cream is applied twice a day on the infected area depending on the cream used. Also, cover the spot or spots with clothing or with a band-aid. Do make sure that the treatment continues for the total time frame suggested by your doctor even thou the rash(s) have disappeared. All house hold fabrics or bedding that has come in contact with the rash should be washed using hot water and bleach. If the uncovered rash does contact with any of your house hold items again, wash everything once again using bleach and hot water.

Ringworm will linger if not treated properly. You have to be diligent. The continuing with the cream for the prescribed time frame is critical to your recovery. The daily changing of the band-aid or clothing at the rash area is mandatory for a speedy recovery.