Ringworm Remedies

Ringworm is treatable. It is a infection. It is a fungus which appears as a circle shaped rash located on the skin area. Animals can get ringworm to. Ringworm remedies for pets are different than it is for humans.

Treating ringworm in pets is more difficult than humans. Ringworm being highly contagious can spread through contact with bedding and blankets. Washing the infected items is a must using hot water and bleach. Make sure that the ringworm spot is covered by a band-aid or by clothes to reduce ringworm transmission. Ringworm is itchy. Do not itch it. Ringworm can spread fairly easily to different parts of the body by scratching. There is a ten day incubation period with ringworm. Therefore, it will take ten days to show any symptoms or signs.

What should you do if you suspect you have ringworm. Go to your doctor to get a diagnosis thou some people treat ringworm using over the counter treatments. Jock itch and athlete’s foot is closely related to ringworm being a type of fungal infection called “Tinea”. In most cases,  jock itch and athlete’s foot is easily treated using over the counter medications sought at any drug store. Since the fungus is only closely related, you may need a prescription from your doctor. If you have ringworm that has spread to other parts of the body, your doctor might prescribe oral medication. Normally, creams get rid of ringworm fairly easily.

Different home remedies to treat ringworm effectively are using raw papaya. The fruit is sliced and rubbed on the rash(es). Another home remedy is using different pastes made separately from butea seeds, mustard seeds or cassia leaves. Some people swear that rubbing a little bit of straight bleach on the rash gets rid of ringworm aswell.

Curing ringworm for good is up to you. The ringworm remedies are fairly easy. You must follow the doctor’s instructions and medication instructions to the letter. If you notice that your rash is gone and the treatment time is not up, don’t stop taking the medication. The rash may look like it disappeared and itchy symptoms are gone, the ringworm is not totally gone. If you stop the treatment prematurely, than in most cases the rash will likely return. It is still contagious and can still be spread. If you don’t see the spot, still cover the ringworm area and limit your contact with pets and other people. If you don’t, the ringworm does spread more than in the beginning stages.